Hello, Lucy here. For months I have been searching for the perfect tattoo. This isn’t easy when you don’t know where to start and what you should get. I wanted a tattoo that is meaningful and unique to me. I know that my tattoo would be permanent so it needs to express who I am. Tattoo is art and art is freedom of expression. I believe the best tattoos are the ones that can symbolize something deeper than the actual picture.
When looking for a great tattoo I look for something that:

- shows who you are as a person. such as your characteristics of endurance or courage. Tattoos that represent your personality traits are always great because it creates uniqueness. You can even go further and include your heritage or culture into your tattoos.
-Tattoos that shows your feats or struggles. This can be overcoming obstacles or finally realizing your dreams.
-A tattoo that represents someone important to you. It can be a loved one, role model or just someone who has greatly made a difference in your life. Tattoos create memories for people and that’s what makes a tattoo meaningful.
-My favorite advice is a tattoo that can tell a story. Your story. This is a story that has made you who you are today. Rather it be a tragedy or triumph.

The best tattoos are those with an underlining meaning. Which is why I believe flower tattoos are the perfect tattoos because of the variety of meanings and symbolism. Flower tattoos can be both feminine or masculine. Each one is different from one another and can relate to many.

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